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LINEBreak: Lyn Hejinian with Charles Bernstein

Lyn Hejinian. Photo by Oscar Bermeo (CC).

Winner of the 1997 CASE Award for Radio Programming, LINEbreak is a series of half-hour length programs hosted and co-produced by Charles Bernstein, with director and co-producer Martin Spinelli. The LINEbreak series was distributed nationally to all connected public radio stations in the U.S. over the Public Radio Satellite System in the spring and summer of 1996, and has been heard on a number of public and college stations from New York to California.

In this 1996 interview, Lyn Hejinian talks about the influence 18th-century travel narratives have had on her writing. She also talks about her poetic reinvention of the genre of autobiography and reads from her book My Life. This interview was recorded at the Charles Morrow and Associates Studio.

      1. Lyn Hejinian and Charles Bernstein in Conversation
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