Laura Burgher with Fact-Simile Editions co-editors JenMarie and Travis Macdonald

Laura Burgher, Travis Macdonald and JenMarie Macdonald

The different strata of the small press ecosystem are bound and wound in collaborative action and influence. Within the world of small press publishing, everything, everyone, and every place (physical and digital) is interconnected, but often in ways that are not apparent. As publishers of Small Po[r]tions, a limited-edition Risograph-printed journal that focuses on experiment and innovation, we were interested in examining the practices of small press publishers who are also poets to see how they apportion their energies and how they situate themselves within this ecosystem. In these interviews we map small press connections through the discussion of collaboration among presses, editors, writers, book artists and readers. That is, collaboration in an expanded sense: influence, inspiration, community. Ecologies require study to sustain them. These interviews look to be a part of a broader and continuing conversation on the ways presses and poets sustain themselves and enrich one another.

Laura Burgher: One of the defining features of Fact-Simile Editions is the emphasis on book arts, and using reclaimed and recycled materials in unique ways to capture an involvement with the materiality of the text. You have created book as pill bottles, book as scrolls, book as painted canvases. I’m interested in how you define a book.