The People: Episode 27 (Tom Comitta and Suzanne Stein)

The People, with Insert Blanc Editor and Publisher Mathew Timmons and Insert Blanc Artist Ben White, features the voices and ideas of The People that make up the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, the west coast, and beyond on KCHUNG 1630AM every 3rd Sunday at 3pm and podcast on iTunes as The People Radio. The People is me, The People is you, The People is we, and You Can Too! … like a Broken Record magically repaired. In this issue of The Conversant, we feature episode 27 with Tom Comitta and Suzanne Stein.

The People: Tom Comitta & Suzanne Stein Ep. 27

Featuring Tom Comitta performing selections from WARMUP
… and we close out the show with a song from the Los Angeles band Suivalc from their album Aestas Pars and the track is called “Mare Cognitum”

Tom Comitta is a writer and performer living in Oakland, CA originally from West Chester, PA.

Suzanne Stein is also a writer and performer living in Oakland, CA, and a native of Los Angeles.

Caleb Beckwith with Tom Comitta

Tom Comitta
Tom Comitta

In January 2015, I sat down with Tom Comitta in Oakland, CA to discuss the role of performance in his poetics as well as contemporary poetry at large. Over this thirty-some minute conversation, we make repeated to reference to Comitta’s vocal project WARMUP and The City of Nature (Make Now 2015) as well as Philadelphia-based readings that serve as reference points for us both. An excerpted transcription is below (beginning with a discussion of Nature), and the featured audio clips include our full conversation, excerpts from both Comitta projects, and a January 2015 off-site reading for LA’s Poetic Research Bureau. 

This is the first in a series of conversations concerning performance and contemporary poetics.