Ed Steck and Robert Fitterman

Robert Fitterman and Ed Steck
Robert Fitterman and Ed Steck

Ed Steck: Hello, Robert. Thanks, mate, for agreeing to be interviewed on my new book, Far Rainbow out now on Make Now Books.

Did you read my book? If so, did you like it or hate it? I was told recently that it’s important to voice one’s liking or hatred of an object. Please only indicate whether you liked it or hated it.

Robert Fitterman: Wait a minute… I’m confused… I was supposed to read the book! Hmm, gimme a few days…

OK, I’m back. I like it. Though I totally disagree with the like/dislike importance that you refer to. My reason for liking largely has to do with borrowing: Can I use any of this? How did they do that? Oh, that’s such a good idea! And, then there’s pleasure, which is sort of like liking but sexier.