Caleb Beckwith with Jen Hofer

Jen Hofer
Jen Hofer (Photo by Rob Ray)

Over the summer, Caleb Beckwith and Ching-In Chen will be joining The Conversant’s editorial team. Here Beckwith and Jen Hofer discuss the “Antena@Blaffer” exhibition, on display through May 10th at the University of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum, as well as two of Hofer’s recent chapbooks: Front Page News (LRL Textile Series) and The Missing Link (Insert Blanc Press). For more information about Antena check out an extensive interview in arts+culturetx and the download page for our manifestos & how-to guides. The video is a full documentation of their Skype chat, so viewers might notice minor glitches in audio syncing as well as a small dialing pad on the screen’s left side. 

When We Said This Was A Space, We Meant We Are People: Antena @ Project Row Houses

Hover your cursor over the embedded chapbook and press “expand” to view the chapbook full size. It may take several seconds for the chapbook to load.
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For readers who want to keep a digital copy of this chapbook or who are reading on iPads, feel free to download this PDF.