Caleb Beckwith with J. Gordon Faylor

J. Gordon Faylor (Photo Credit: Kate Robinson)

Caleb Beckwith: In a recent interview with Tan Lin over at Harriet, you give a helpful account of Gauss PDF’s founding. Would you mind recapping this for readers unfamiliar with your practice? Maybe you could also expand a bit here on the site’s editorial agenda and explain how this changed over GPDF’s now four-year history?

J. Gordon Faylor: GPDF was catalyzed by a desire common to many small publications/presses: wanting the work of friends and others made more readily available. I find problematic the vetting processes and sometimes latent conservatism promulgated by publications/labels as a means of caching a curatorially-determined set, and wanted to enable a more open platform for various cultural productions not limited to, but including poetics. Having spent a few years in New York and Philadelphia, I was fortunate to find overlapping groups and networks sufficient for getting a little Tumblr thing off the ground.