Hip Hop Connection from Puerto Rico to Califaztlan: Black Rhythm and Chhoti Maa

Chhoti Maa & Black Rhythm
Chhoti Maa & Black Rhythm

This Intersecting Lineages conversation between Black Rhythm and Chhoti Maa is the first in a series centering global cross-community connections between artists of color.

Black Rhythm: I was conducting a beatbox workshop in Casa Cultura Ruth Hernandez, and my friend Sofia asked me about my work. Once she heard that I was a beatboxer, she immediately talked to me about you, Chhoti Maa. She told me you were a rapper from Mexico and that you planned on coming to Puerto Rico to do an artist residency.

Chhoti Maa: Yeah, Sofia was really excited for me to meet you. So I came to PR for the third time in September 2014 to Patio Taller. I talked to Sofia who invited me to UPR, the state university of Puerto Rico where you and I met. I remember we connected immediately and started freestyling.

BR:  Yeah! It was like “Hi” and in the next second we made a video together rapping, singing, and beatboxing.