Submissions Guidelines

At The Conversant, we are interested in interviews, conversations, or some hybrid of these between poets and other artists. While text, audio, and video files are all acceptable, A/V files are preferred alongside transcription.  As a house style, we generally follow AP style. Unless works are cited in appendix, no works cited is needed. Fair use, quotation, etc: please see the Poetry Foundation’s Best Practices for Fair Use in Poetry Guideline.

For an example format, please see any sample piece from our 2015 issue. Basic formatting consists of:

  1. introduction in italics
  2. contributors names, in full, for first appearance (ex: Audre Lorde)
  3. after first appearance, contributors indicated by initials (ex: AL)
  4. both full names and initials in bold and followed by a colon (Audre Lorde:, AL:)
  5. bios for each contributor placed at the end of each interview (The exception for this is for organizers of serial projects.  In this case, the organizer’s bio will go on the masthead for contributors).

We ask that you please include all necessary files along with your submission to conversant.editors [at] These include:

  1. photos for contributors (at least 2 Megapixel resolution headshot)
  2. bios of all contributors
  3. any audio/visual files you wish to include with your submission

Audio submissions must be in .MP3 format and no longer than 30 minutes. Video submissions must be in .MP4, .MOV, or .OGG format and no longer than 30 minutes. We prefer transcriptions to be submitted with all multimedia content.

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