Elisabeth Workman and Sandra Simonds: Poets in Tank Tops Discuss the Universe

Elisabeth Workman and Sandra Simonds

Elisabeth Workman and Sandra Simonds

In this Skype reading and conversation, Elisabeth Workman (on the left) reads from “Little Western” and “Landscape With Porn Stars” from Ultramegaprairieland and Sandra Simons (on the right) reads “I’m Miss World, Somebody Kill Me” and “Camp Vagina Lake” from The Sonnets. Sandra’s questions to Elisabeth: What is your relationship to Flarf? What is the relationship of the work to the sentimental, the political, the avant garde, etc.  Elisabeth’s questions to Sandar: What was your attraction to the sonnet as a form? Could you talk about the paradox of the sonnet, influences, etc? & then: #Bloof, #feminism, #motherhood, #nihilism, #John Ashbery, #Bernadette Mayer, #Walter Benjamin, #narrative, #humor, #time, #the porosity of the domestic, #vertigo, #vulnerability, #estrangement, #twin worlds, #dance



Elisabeth Workman is the author of numerous chapbooks, including Opolis (Dusie), ANY RIP A THRESHOLD (Shirt Pocket Press), and Megaprairieland (Grey Book Press). Ultramegaprairieland is her first book-length work, and was released by Bloof Books in May 2014. She lives in Minneapolis.

Sandra Simonds is the author of four books of poetry: Warsaw Bikini, (Bloof Books, 2008), Mother Was a Tragic Girl (Cleveland State University Press, 2012, The Sonnets (Bloof Books, 2015) and Ventura Highway in the Sunshine (Saturnalia Books, 2015). Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Best American Poetry Anthology, Poetry, The American Poetry Review, The Believer, Fence, Black Warrior Review, Barrow Street, The Columbia Poetry Review, Gulf Coast, Post Road and others.