Rachelle Cruz with Ching-In Chen

Ching-In Chen

Over the summer, Ching-In Chen and Caleb Beckwith will be joining The Conversant’s editorial team. Here, in a 2009 interview with Rachelle Cruz, Chen discusses their work.

This interview is part of Cruz’s Blood-Jet Writing Hour program. In fall, The Conversant will begin offering regular installments from the Blood-Jet archive.

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Ching-In Chen is the author of The Heart’s Traffic and co-editor of The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist CommunitiesChen is a Kundiman, Lambda and Norman Mailer Poetry Fellow, and a member of the Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation. A community organizer, Ching-In Chen has worked in the Asian American communities of San Francisco, Oakland, Riverside and Boston, and in Milwaukee, Chen is cream city review’s editor-in-chief.