The People, Episodes 11-13 plus the L.A. Book Fair


The People, with Insert Blanc editor and publisher Mathew Timmons and Insert Blanc artist Ben White, features the voices and ideas of The People that make up the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, the West Coast and beyond, on KCHUNG 1630AM every third Sunday at 3 p.m. and podcast on iTunes as The People Radio. The People is me, The People is you, The People is we and You Can Too!…like a broken record magically repaired. In this issue of The Conversant, we feature The People episodes 11-13, plus a Special Edition recorded and broadcast from Printed Matter’s 2014 L.A. Art Book Fair.—Mathew Timmons and Ben White

Episode #11, Commonwealth & Council & Gala Porras-Kim: Originally broadcast on Sunday, January 19, 2014

Young Chung and Gala Porras-Kim discuss their relationship to Los Angeles gallery Commonwealth & Council and the archeology of art practice. The song “Matching Headstones” by Forget Me Nauts closes out this episode. You can listen to songs from Forget Me Nauts’ recent album, Profile Update, at bandcamp. As always our intro music is the song “Ocfif” by Lewis Keller.

Opened in 2010, Commonwealth & Council is a gallery at 3006 W. 7th St. #220 in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Come visit us!


L.A. Art Book Fair, Special Edition: Originally broadcast on Saturday, February 1, 2014

The People makes the rounds at Printed Matter’s 2014 L.A. Art Book Fair. Printed Matter presented the second annual L.A. Art Book Fair, from January 31 through February 2, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. It featured contemporary art books, art catalogs, artists’ books, art periodicals and ‘zines. This episode features conversations with the following individuals and presses:

The episode also features songs from the band Gang Nails’ recent album Lines.



Episode 12, Voices of Where, Richie DeMaria & Geneva Skeen: Originally broadcast on Sunday, February 16, 2014

Richie DeMaria and Geneva Skeen of the band Voices of Where talk about the origins of their musical collaboration, approaches to music making, and some totally not embarrassing musical influences of their youth. This episode features music from the band Voices of Where and a song they selected by Yoon Youn Sun from her album Wings of Peace.



Episode 13, Geoff Tuck & Christian Mayer: Originally broadcast on Sunday, March 16, 2014

Geoff Tuck and Christian Mayer discuss their individual practices and publications, time capsules and a Los Angeles palm as mute historical witness. This episode features the song “Harp X” by nowcloud to close out the episode. You can listen to songs from nowcloud’s album Harp at bandcamp.



Gala Porras-Kim is an artist born in Bogotá, Colombia. She received her MFA from CalArts in 2009. She recently had an exhibition at Commonwealth & Council, “The Mute Object and Ancient Stories of Today,” and she will be showing there again in March 2015.

Richie DeMaria & Geneva Skeen form the band, Voices of Where. Their new album Valleys was very recently released on February 14th, 2014. It is available at Vacation Vinyl, Permanent Records and for download on Bandcamp. You can also follow them on Facebook and Tumblr and/or watch the video for their song, “Can I Get Back To You?” on YouTube or Vimeo.

Christian Mayer is an artist, musician and publisher from Vienna, Austria. He lives in Los Angeles and is an artist resident at the MAK Center’s The Schindler Residency. He has work in the show “Jaywalk,” with current MAK Center residents at the Mackey Apartments. He also recently had a show at the Belvedere in Vienna, “Musis et Mulis,” which translates as “For the Muse and the Mules.” He is represented by Galerie Mezzanin in Vienna and Galerie Nagel Draxler in Berlin.

Geoff Tuck is a writer and artist, and is the publisher of the online journal, Notes on Looking. Tuck, with his husband David, organizes retreats in Parkfield, California. He has had two shows recently, including “Your Shell is Made of Air” at Chapman University’s Guggenheim Gallery and was featured at the launch for the journal baumtest.