Feliz Lucia Molina on Chris Kraus

Chris Kraus
Chris Kraus

Founded in 1994, the European Graduate School is a program led by philosophers, film makers, writers, poets and artists, located in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. A fun camp of critical theory and continental philosophy, its teachers and students gather from around the world in a secluded Swiss Alp town for three-week-long intensive study and lectures that continue late into the night at Metro Bar, Happy Bar, Popcorn, or wherever else. Fortunately, all of the official lectures are videotaped and archived.

Chris Kraus wrote I Love Dick out of complete desperation. She explains it all in this interview. I have nothing to say except <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. Everyone at some point in their life has had a Dick. Screw courage. Who needs courage when you can just be enveloped in madness for someone or something. I think of Dick as the Internet, as this omnipresent ear that ingests everything and never talks back. I think of Dick as a screen for which to project all our fantasies onto. I think Dick was always the future and potential of being heard. Dick is the reason for wanting to continue the conversation. Dick is unknowable and its this unknowing that we are seduced by. That’s why anything we feel maddened by is Dick. Only dicks can really mess with us. Its because of dicks that there is love. If we could just articulate ourselves clearly, Dick might love us in return. But Dick never does. We make up Dick as we go along. We grow dicks. We become dicks to ourselves and others. We learn to love our dicks as though it were a vulnerable skittish dikdik. And we love Dick for everything real and true it ever was.—Feliz Lucia Molina


Chris Kraus is a Los Angeles based author and filmmaker. Kraus received her BA from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She teaches at the European Graduate School and is well known for her role as an influential film and video maker in the New York downtown scene of the mid-’80s. Since 1990, she has directed the Native Agents new fiction series for the visionary independent press Semiotext(e), publishing such writers as Kathy Acker, Barbara Barg, Fanny Howe and Eileen Myles. Kraus was nominated for the 2005 Frank Mather Prize in Art Criticism. Her recent books are Where Art Belongs and Summer of Hate. Her book Lost Properties comes out this March, 2014.

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