Nature Theater of Oklahoma with Tom Sellar

Tom Sellar
Tom Sellar

Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with writer, editor and theater thinker Tom Sellar about surrender and control—physical, mental and structural. Join us as we clear the air—talking about artists and critics and the whole interdependency and strangeness around that relationship. We rely on critics to write about the work, but what do we care about really? Do we want intelligent writing or just positive gush? Do critics appreciate that they are just seeing one performance and it all may be going horribly wrong? All this and even more thoughts about social practice, multi-media, durational performance, art brut and political theater.

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In August 2012, Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska (directors of the performing arts group Nature Theater of Oklahoma) launched OK Radio, a series of podcasts in which they talk with artists, performers, choreographers, theater makers and curators around the world and post these conversations for free online: “The podcasts are all long-form conversations in the spirit of the radio conversations of John Cage and Morton Feldman. We talk about everything from work to concerns about mortality, morality, politics, culture—cheese. . .and then some. Nothing is off limits. Join us on tour as we talk to artists in Serbia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, New York and elsewhere. . .OK Radio goes with us everywhere we go.”

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