The Conversant has invited some of our favorite journal and book publishers to curate interview series focusing on their authors. textsound here has asked the contributors to its latest issue to construct collaborative recordings.

Top Row: Katherine Factor, Eben Mannes and Jared Stanley. Bottom Row: AB Gorham, Phil Sawdon and William Stobb. Top Row: Katherine Factor, Eben Mannes and Jared Stanley. Bottom Row: AB Gorham, Phil Sawdon and William Stobb.



Listen to Katherine Factor and AB Gorham: Fly In Flies Out

Listen to Eben Mannes and Phil Sawdon:
42.2411° N, 83.6131° W >||< 53.0292° N, 1.4750° W

Listen to Jared Stanley and William Stobb: Striations


Katherine Factor is a poet living in the San Jacinto mountains of California and is  assistant editor at inter|rupture.

AB Gorham’s originally from Montana, but currently lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she’s working towards her MFA in Book Arts. Her poems are forthcoming or published in American Letters & CommentaryDIAGRAM, Cutbank and gobbet among others.

Eben Mannes (http://ebenmannes.com) is a sound designer for film and theatre and an audio engineer. He is currently doing post production for an ongoing horror series called, The Midnight Hour, by director Lee Martin, as well as designing for a production of Edward the Second at the Mix Studio Theater in Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S. He lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Eben’s commitment to sonic environments has become a lifelong investigation into the art of sound design.

Phil Sawdon (http://philsawdon.tumblr.com/) is an artist, writer and sometime academic. He lives and works in the UK where he is an Honorary Fellow at Loughborough University in the School of the Arts. He is a director and co-founder of TRACEY: drawing and visualisation research and a co-editor of the magazine journal Stimulus Respond. He has published and exhibited in a wide variety of formats including academic, scholarly and pedagogical texts, essays, moving image, audio works, creative fictions and artworks.  His main concern in all his various practices is with contemporary drawing and in particular ambiguity in contemporary fine art drawing.  He uses audio as a form of sound drawing referencing both ‘sounds in drawing’ and ‘sounds like drawing’, approaching drawing as a process for approaching sound. He adapts found and sampled sounds to create readymade propositions.

His edited books include Drawing Now: between the lines of contemporary art (IB Tauris), Drawing – The Purpose (Intellect Ltd) and Hyperdrawing: beyond the lines of contemporary art (IB Tauris) and he has featured in numerous journals and magazines such as Nyx: a Noctournal, DM (Danse Macabre), Stimulus Respond, /seconds, textsound and soanyway. He has screened moving image works in New York and the UK. He works with Deborah Harty as one half of the creative collaboration humhyphenhum; they have published in Animation in Process (Laurence King) and in the Journal of Artistic Research (JAR).

Jared Stanley is the author of The Weeds and Book Made of Forest, both from Salt Publishing. He is a member of the public art group Unmanned Minerals and co-edits Mrs. Maybe. Stanley is a 2012-2014 Research Fellow at the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art and teaches at Sierra Nevada College.

William Stobb is the author of five poetry collections, including Absentia (Penguin 2011) and Nervous Systems (Penguin 2007).  He works on the editorial staff of Conduit and the English faculty at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.