Ronaldo Wilson’s Street Songs

Ronaldo Wilson

The following triptych, “Street Songs,” provides the first of three monthly selections from a larger project, Off the Dome: Rants, Raps, and Meditations, for which I have been making live sound recordings as Solo-Dialogues since May 2010, entering into a streaming, internal conversation that vocalizes questions around, race, representation, selfhood and place. Using my iPhone, I perform and document impromptu audio recordings in a variety of dynamic environments. The three separate monthly installments will get grouped by landscape, occasion, and experience. In each place, I engage in various activities that find their way into my current thinking and play with various forms of totally improvised, “off the dome” poetry, rap-battles, meditations, and songs. —Ronaldo Wilson

[mp3j track=”Fourth Street Vista@…20120527-124613.mp3″ caption=”14 Min. 36 Sec.”]

[mp3j track=”Commercial Street@…20120910-154617.mp3″ caption=”4 Min. 04 Sec.”]

[mp3j track=”Melodic Song 34th Street@″ caption=”3 Min. 19 Sec.”]

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