Sue Sinclair with Sachiko Murakami

Sachiko Murakami and Lemon Hound
Sachiko Murakami and Lemon Hound

The Conversant long has admired Lemon Hound’s lively, multifarious engagement with contemporary literature. In partnership with Lemon Hound, and in the hopes of encouraging further dialog between Canadian- and U.S.-based poetics, we have decided to re-publish a monthly excerpt from the Lemon Hound archive.

On Beauty,” is  a series of Lemon Hound interviews in which I ask poets about their relationship to beauty. Here I talk to Sachiko Murakami, poet and editor, whose online interactive projects are fascinating experiments in collective authorship. I hope you enjoy her curious mind, dynamic style and unpretentious attitude.—Sue Sinclair

Sue Sinclair: Can you point me toward a poem you find beautiful? In what way do you think of or experience this poem as beautiful?

Sachiko Murakami: From a. rawlings’ wide slumber for lepidopterists (Coach House 2006), one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read: