Jessica Sequeira with Francisco Bitar

Jessica Sequeria and Francisco Bitar
Jessica Sequeira and Francisco Bitar

Francisco Bitar was born in 1981 in Santa Fe, the city where he currently lives. He’s published the poetry books Negativos [Negatives] (2007), El olimpo [The Olympus] (2009 and 2010), Ropa vieja: la muerte de una estrella [Old Clothes: The Death of a Star] (2011) and The Volturno Poems (2015). These works, along with some unpublished pieces, will appear in a collected volume in 2017. Bitar has also published the novel Tambor de arranque [Starting Drum] (2012), which won a literary prize from the city of Rosario. His collection of stories Luces de Navidad [Christmas Lights] (2014) will be reprinted this year by the publisher Nudista. Other books by Bitar include Acá había un río [Here There Was a River] (2015) and Historia oral de la cerveza [Oral History of Beer] (2015), which was published with the help of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes. Bitar has translated, among others, Jack Spicer (Quince proposiciones falsas contra Dios, 2009) and helped edit a volume of poems by Juan Manuel Inchauspe, called Trabajo nocturno [Night work] (2010). He is included in the anthology 30.30. Poesía argentina del siglo XXI (2013). He studied literature and coordinates a writing workshop at the bookstore Del Otro Lado Libros.

Jessica Sequeira has translated Bitar’s poems for Ventana Latina, where she is an editor, as well as for a 2014 issue of the UK-based publication Modern Poetry in Translation. As Bitar was in Santa Fe and Sequeira was in California at the time of the interview, they carried out the conversation over email. Originally in Spanish, it has been translated.